This blog exists because you asked for it. Ok, maybe not YOU, but someone. We have been at this small business thing for a little over six months now and with the amount we have learned it feels more like six years. I mean, except for the fact that we still have no idea how about 80% of things work. That’s no big deal though, right?
Ok, back to why there’s a blog now. One of the things we have learned over the past few months is that people will tell you what they want/need. The amount of wonderful conversations that have sprung up around our business is difficult to count (if I did I’d say about 1,230,672,092 but that’s just an estimate). During one such conversation it was suggested that we start a blog chronicling some of our adventures, being new business owners. I (Kim) love to write so it was one of those “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that moments.”
Here we are a few months, and world of change later- ready to embark on the first Trainyard General Store blog post.
In the quest for simplicity I will answer two often burning questions in people’s minds upon discovering us on the sidewalk: “What’s with the name?” and “Where are the trains?”
Do you know what caused us the most stress in the early days of our business creation? THE NAME! What to call it? Can we get that on Twitter? Is it too long? Does it make sense? Does anyone have it on Instagram?
We brainstormed, discussed and debated names- sure of only one thing, we wanted to be a ‘general store’ as a throwback to the stores of the past, and to be able to include the widest variety of practical goods possible. I was keen on finding a good rhyming name, luckily those suggestions were vetoed.
Finally we landed on The Trainyard General Store, based on the proximity of the location we had found to **drumroll** the trainyard. Now you are thinking, “The store isn’t close to the trainyard?!?” and you are correct. Shortly after deciding our our name we found a location that worked much better for us, especially with it’s potential for the Creative Space. By that point though we we’re pretty set on the name and so here we are six months later with a name that still brings us joy everyday, if for no other reason than the fun conversations that it prompts.
Jason would likely tell you an entirely different, considerably more riveting version of how the store got it’s name, ask him the next time you are in!
With love,