It’s hard to believe, this dream of ours has been a reality for a little over two years already. Our motivation for opening The Trainyard was to find ways to connect with our community, and to pursue kindness as much as possible. Surely there are easier ways to do both of those things, but one thing you’ll quickly come to learn about us, we are determined to find the hardest way possible to do anything.


Seeking connections is what led to our decision to carry locally made goods. This allows us to build relationships with the small businesses who are creating the goods we carry, and to help connect our customers with the stories of those goods. There’s something special about a customer seeing a brand in store and saying “This is my friend’s business” or “I know the person who made those mugs” These connections happen everyday and are what make us love being in the store.


Choosing Downtown Dartmouth for The Trainyard just made sense for us, as after a few years in Ottawa we returned home to NS to find Downtown Dartmouth looked nothing like we remembered it. The new businesses & the positive energy played a big role in us choosing to live in Dartmouth, so it only made sense that when looking for a spot for our business we’d choose Portland Street. We have loved being a part of this vibrant and growing community- it’s been wonderful going from being the new kids on the block to the ones encouraging other entrepreneurs joining the neighbourhood.  


Most importantly for us, we have built amazing friendships and connections with makers, customers and community organizations. These relationships that remind us exactly why we wanted to make our life in Nova Scotia, and why we decided to jump into the world of entrepreneurship, something we knew nothing about.


We dove headfirst into small business life, one might say on a whim. We had no business experience prior to 2016, and have learned more than we ever dreamed possible in the last two years. We have juggled more part time jobs and short term contracts than we ever could have imagined to make this dream work, but it’s all worth it to be able to walk into our little shop every morning.


The Trainyard is our family business, we have built our life around running this little store, and now two years in we are exploring the many ways we need to find balance for ourselves and our family to keep this dream alive. We are so truly grateful for every kind word and every person who has taken the time to visit or to reach out on Social Media. Small businesses can’t survive without a community holding them up, and we are thankful for ours every single day.


We can't wait to see what the future of this little dream holds for us!


Sending lots of love & gratitude your way,


Jason & Kimberley