We’ve been running this dream for a little over a year and a half now, and are having the time of our lives connecting with the kind and welcoming people coming through our doors.  

We love hearing stories from customers, makers & small business owners so it's only fitting that we share our story with you.

Who We Are  

We both grew up in Nova Scotia, met at Saint Mary’s University and spent a few years living in Ottawa. We got married at Murphy’s On The Water in 2014, and moved back to Nova Scotia in 2015. We’re both passionate about our ‘side hustles’, aka, the jobs we trained for, with Jason working in IT Security, and Kimberley as an Early Childhood Educator.

The Beginnings Of The Trainyard

Owning a store had always been a far off idea we had talked about, a goal for down the road. We moved home to Nova Scotia, in awe of the new small businesses being opened and operated by people our age who had decided to stay in the province. Our far off dream, quickly became a, "why not now" conversation. We were inspired by the revitalized Downtown Dartmouth and the influx of new businesses played a huge role in our decision to make our home in Dartmouth. It seems only fitting that when this small business dream of ours became a reality we found a spot on Portland Street.

There is something so special about locally made (& grown!) goods and we have always loved being able to meet the people making the goods we buy. This passion combined with our shared love for projects and tinkering led us to the idea of The Trainyard as it exists today. 

A Year And A Half Later

The first eighteen months of operating The Trainyard have been the most fun, fulfilling and exhausting of our lives. We are truly in awe of the support we have received and thankful for each and every person who has taken the time to visit the Store, or connect with us on Social Media. Building friendships with Makers and community members has been the very best part of this experience for us.

With no previous business experience, the learning curve has been huge and we are certainly still learning every day. Luckily we find ourselves surrounded by the most kind and fantastic people, who inspire and support us everyday. Nothing is perfect, but it is the most wonderful and fun project we have ever embarked on.

Thanks for joining us on our journey so far, we can't wait to see what The Trainyard’s next eighteen months hold!

With Love,

Kimberley & Jason