Consignment Mentorship Program

We are so excited to share our new Consignment Mentorship program with you!


Kimberley (co-owner of The Trainyard) will work alongside makers & small businesses to get their goods retail ready. Together we will look at quality, pricing, packaging, display, sales and more to help you build your confidence and capcity to continue sharing your work!

This is an ideal opportunity for makers who are new to selling their goods. Those who are selling on a small scale (if at all) or are preparing for their first markets or selling opportunities and are looking for support in making that first leap into putting their work out into the world! What we are able to offer through mentorship would be of most benefit to those without a pre-established retail or market presence, but there is no expectation that partners won’t continue to seek other opportunities to share their work, we want to help your business grow - not hold you back.

Three years into running The Trainyard we’ve learned a lot and would love to help new businesses and makers navigate some of the challenges of small business. 


Interested? Please email (subject line: Mentorship) the following information to by Saturday July 27, 2019: 

  • Your name & business name (if you have one)
  • Brief description of what you’re creating, and the business you’re trying to build
  • 2-4 photos of your work
  • Links to website & social media accounts (if set up)
  • Do you have goods ready made or would you be making them over the Fall?
  • Are you planning on applying to any other retail or market locations this Fall? 
  • Part of this project will be offering your work on consignment at The Trainyard, is this something you are prepared to do?
  • Please share what you’d like the most help navigating, what questions you have about retail and small business! 


Interested but not sure you fit the criteria? Send an application our way. If you are already more established please send us an application for wholesale or consignment (, but feel free to mention your interest in mentorship. If there’s a way we can support your business growth, we will do our best!

It is important that the shop & our approach are a good fit for your business, and that your goods will fit with our existing inventory in order for partnerships to be successful. Depending on the volume of applications it is possible not all applicants will be given a mentorship opportunity this season. All mentorship applications will be responded to by August 20, 2019.


We're cheering you on!

Kimberley & Jason