Atlantic Mustard Mill – Under The Sea (Spicy)


The very first mustard with seaweed! Wonderful spicy with a pleasant flavour from the Digby Dulse and organic spirulina. Works great with fish or shellfish, sandwiches, dark meat or vegan dishes. All Atlantic Mustard Mill mustards are made with 100% solar energy on their PEI farm. Stone ground whole seed, organic ingredients, fermented, raw, vegan, gluten friendly.

Atlantic Mustard Mill donates $0.25 per jar to our Trainyard Connect Community Partners!


Ingredients: Organic White Vinegar, Organic Yellow & Brown Mustard Seeds, Water, Organic Sea Salt, Digby Dulse, Organic Spirulina

Photo & description courtesy of Atlantic Mustard Mill

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About Atlantic Mustard Mill (PEI): We stone grind the whole seed, mix it carefully with the best ingredients and then we let it ferment for a some time. Each mustard has its very own recipe and we use fresh, and if possible, local ingredients. We don’t use any filler (corn starch or flour) or preservative. We keep the mustard oil because it is very beneficial for your health and the oil is a natural preservative.