Affirmation Sticky Notes

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Pack of 3 assorted sticky notes from Please Note Goods (Ontario); Each pad has a variety of affirmations to keep you feeling inspired. 

3 pads: 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 black with 15 messages in total. 


I Am a Gift The World Gets To Unwrap - I Only Manifest Greatness In My Life - I Am Legendary - I Am Amazing At Anything I Do - I Am Ambitious And Abundant

Everything I Touch Turns To Gold - I Am A Magnet For Success - I Am Powerful Beyond Measure - I Can Create Anything I Desire - I Have Unlimited Creativity

I Am Making Everything Fun Today! - Life Loves Me - I Am Living A Joyful Life - I Am Excited To; - I Am Creating Magic Wherever I Go!


Image and description via Please Note Goods