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2024 Calendar featuring illustrations by Donna the Strange, an Indigenous artist from Fishing Lake First Nation. 

Cultural Background: Saulteaux Ojibway, Fishing Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan

Donna Langhorne is a member of Fishing Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is a self-taught visual artist who self-identifies professionally as “Donna the Strange”. Comfortable in many styles, she has garnered national acclaim in particular for her work as a Woodlands artist, and especially for exploring how the genre can be used to address contemporary issues facing Indigenous people.

Her work has been supported by the Canada Council, Sk Arts, the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts, and the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. Her Common Truths series of paintings is currently on a three-year tour through the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils. Work from her Seven Visions series was featured nationally as part of the billboard campaign organized by the group Artists Against Racism, and has been licensed to many organizations, including the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Her work is available through Nouveau Gallery in Regina, Dervilia Art & Design in Saskatoon, DaVic Gallery in British Columbia, and Manitoba-based Red Eagle Promotions, as well as onhttps://www.donnathestrange.com/


These products are distributed by Canadian Art Prints (CAP) through their Indigenous Artwork product line. 

AUTHENTIC INDIGENOUS ARTWORK: The artist has been paid a royalty for the sale of this product. Made and printed in Canada.