Boho Palm Suncatcher Sticker

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Place this suncatcher on your sunniest window and watch as rainbows fill your home!🌈 This design is perfect for someone who wants to add some whimsy to their decor, but would still like to keep things simple. With it's greenhouse shape, this suncatcher would look perfect in a sunroom or plant room

🌿 Simply spray water on the window where you'd like the decal to stay, then stick! Easy peasy. 🌼 These suncatchers are rental friendly, dorm friendly, reusable, washable, and movable. To find the best spot for your suncatcher, I suggest using a compass app to figure out which direction your windows face. If you'd like to wake up to rainbows, place one on an east-facing window.

Created in Halifax by Prismatic Kitty