I Am What I Choose To Be Book

I Am What I Choose To Be Book

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I AM What I Choose To Be is a children's book with a powerful message.

In this book, the joyful I AM affirmations become an invitation into positivity. Purposely filling children up with positive self-belief and focused attention on the good within all of us.

Positive affirmations have the most impact when you say, think, and feel them often, to create positive patterns and change in your life.  I AM affirmations are a declaration to yourself and to the world of who you are and how you feel. The words that follow I AM create an imprint onto yourself and with repetition, you begin to turn these imprints into beliefs to consciously create your life in a way that most pleases you.

The more that a child believes that they are brave, love, happy, etc they are more likely to believe this forevermore, and then they will choose these emotions on a regular basis because they believe that they are brave, love, happy, etc.

This book can also be a great tool for children to learn how to read because of its simple nature, repetitive sequences, and associated picture animals with each affirmation word.


Locally printed in Halifax NS

Paper back - soft touch - lay flat - 6.25 x 8.25 inch

By Keith Capstick and Diane Riley. Illustrations by Tammy Capstick