Call Me Home - John Terpstra *FINAL SALE*

Call Me Home - John Terpstra *FINAL SALE*

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Whether he writes of empathizing with late-night bicycle thieves, of untangling difficult histories and uncertain futures, or of horsing around with his grandsons, John Terpstra’s poetry recounts life’s colloquial essence with the ease and economy of a conversation between long-time neighbours, drawing the reader in close. This collection also includes the essay “Writing by Feel,” a reflection on forty years of writing.

Since the early 1980s, John Terpstra has been a mainstay of the Canadian literary scene, publishing both poetry and non-fiction. He has also been a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Charles Taylor Prize. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario, where he works as a writer, cabinetmaker and carpenter.

Trade paper / 108 pp

Published by Gaspereau Press (NS)