Holiday Blend Coffee

Holiday Blend Coffee

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Holiday coffee blend from Just Us! Coffee Roasters in Wolfville, NS. Every year, the artisan roasters at Just Us! select speciality grade fair trade organic beans to feature in their annual Holiday Blend.

12oz bag

Please select ground or whole bean from the drop down menu. 


Many folks know Just Us! as Canada's first fair trade and organic coffee roaster, but we didn’t begin with the goal of selling coffee. We've always been centred around social and environmental justice, aiming to promote an alternative to an exploitative global trade that favours white, western cultures. Since the beginning, our coffee has served as a vehicle for change.

20+ years later, Just Us! continues to thrive as a wholly Canadian-owned worker co-operative, still committed to our founding mission. We've proved the spirit and model of an alternative approach to business while becoming a key rural employer in Nova Scotia. We're invigorated, and we're happy our connected communities in the Global North and South are invigorated as well.