Northern Owl DIY Embroidery Kits - Assorted

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5 Northern Owls from Hook, Line & Tinker have (finally) hatched! Choose your favourite from the drop down menu: Barn Owl, Burrowing Owls, Great Horned Owl, Saw Whet Owl, Snowy Owl

Did you notice all that COLOUR? Each bird has its own unique tonal palette of 3 bold colours. Of course, if you wanted something less vibrant you could substitute your own colour choices...or even mix and match or add MORE colour.

Did you notice the fullness of the image and all that satin stitch? LOTS of stitches. They take a fair bit longer to stitch up than other Hook, Line & Tinker patterns, but they can always be simplified and adjusted for your own preferences.

Level: Ambitious Beginner Friendly

Everything you need is included in the kit (just add scissors!): 
• pre-printed pattern on unbleached cotton fabric
• 15cm (6") bamboo embroidery hoop
• embroidery floss (5 full skeins)
• embroidery needle
• instructions

Each kit is packed by hand. Packaging is designed to be lightweight and compact to reduce environmental impacts via shipping, and paper, including recycled paper, have been used rather than single use plastics.

Hook, Line & Tinker donates 5% of profits to help women and children experiencing homelessness, and supports local organizations through meal donations and more. 


Images and description via Hook, Line & Tinker