Stack of blue carved mugs with visible sailboat and lighthouse.

Lighthouse Sgraffito Ceramic Mug

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Handmade ceramic mug featuring Sgraffito versions of seaside landmarks including a lighthouse and sailboat.  Handmade in Nova Scotia by Clayton Dickson Co. 

All their creations are all hand made in our sea side studio in Nova Scotia. Most items are hand sculpted or slab rolled using a low fire white clay. 

Sgraffito is a pottery technique that involves applying to an unfired ceramic body two successive layers of contrasting glaze, and then case scratching so as to reveal parts of the underlying layer

Handwash recommended. The Trainyard doesn't recommend pottery for use with Keurig style machines, such sudden & drastic changes to temperature can shock the glaze. 

Approx. 5" tall

Approx 10oz capacity.