Making of A Grandparent Journal

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The ultimate grandparent journal and memory book from Robyn Liechti (ON)

Are you ready to get to know your grandparent on a deeper level?

Are you ready to get to know your grandparents on a deeper level? Show your grandparents how much they mean to you with this heartfelt keepsake and memory book. Learn of your grandma or grandpa's childhood, adolescence, family history, untold stories and much more with The Making of a Grandparent.



Give this keepsake book to your grandma or grandpa (or your child's grandparent) and have them answer the guided questions at their leisure. Or, bring this journal with you on visits and fill out the questions together. Either way, you will learn so much about your grandparent and love the new conversations!



Grandchildren and future generations will love getting to know the grandparents in your life through this thoughtful memory book. We are confident The Making of a Grandparent will become your new family heirloom!


    • Hardcover journal
    • 100+ Questions for grandparents
    • Thoughtful gift for new grandma or as pregnancy announcement
    • Blank lined pages for additional sharing