Blue And Grey Woodland Floral Blanket

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Eco-friendly everyday blanket with a gorgeous woodland floral design from Mini Tipi (Gatineau). These blankets are made from sustainable fabric woven in Italy. Large enough for a queen size bed or as an oversized throw blanket.

The warm and luxurious wool/acrylic/polyester blend makes them soft, yet washable. The trim adds a beautiful finish.

About the Design: The floral design of this fabric was inspired by traditional floral beadwork, a style that was developed by bead workers of the Woodlands nations after the introduction of glass beads during the fur trade. Floral beadwork and appliqué designs continue to be a fundamental part of regalia for Anishinaabeg and other Woodlands nations. 


About the Artist: Anna Heffernan is a multidisciplinary artist of Michi Saagiig Nishnaabe, Irish, and French Canadian ancestry. She is a member of Curve Lake First Nation, and now lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Her art blends traditional and contemporary media, styles, and themes. More of her work can be found on Instagram @miskwaadesigns.

MATERIALS :50% recycled polyester, 30% acrylic, 20% recycled wool

Size: 60 inches x 80 inches

CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Wash on cold, hang to dry .


Image and description via Mini Tipi