Nova Scotia Adventure Journal

Nova Scotia Adventure Journal

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This beautiful journal will allow you to track your adventures around our province, and give you ideas for new places to explore! 10% of profits are donated to the Mental Health Foundation of NS. 

Soft cover. 180 pages. 


"One of the things that shocked me the most when I moved here was how little Nova Scotians had seen of their own province.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS here!  We are so lucky to be surrounded by lakes, wilderness, and beaches that rival the ones from the Caribbean.  We have first class wineries, craft breweries and delicious restaurants to dine in.  We have a rich history to learn about, and many talented artisans who feature their work around the province.

Now is the time to explore your home and rediscover our best N.S.  The adventure journal comes with ten family friendly day trips outlined to inspire you, your own Nova Scotia Bucket List, and a place for you to record all the places you check out!  It also includes a bonus section where you can create your own resource guide of Nova Scotian beaches, hikes, restaurants and other tourist destinations.  The second half of the book is designed for you to record your own adventures and will result in a beautiful book of memories for you to look back on.

I personally want to give back to Nova Scotia as well, so I have decided to donate 10% of all profits to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, because it’s a cause close to my heart, and I believe there needs to be more support for mental health offered to people."


Photo and description courtesy of Settling for Great (Jen Meza).