Outdoor Adventure Kit - Into The Night *FINAL SALE*

Outdoor Adventure Kit - Into The Night *FINAL SALE*

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What is an Adventure Kit? In the world of ipads, iphones, and apps - simple everyday adventures can be hard to see. Built for the backyard or the backcountry, this outdoor adventure kit contains quality outdoor items and an activity guide with 10+ hours of skill-building activities, outdoor games and nature crafts.

Ideal for kids 6-12.

Everything you need is IN THE BOX. The boxes are filled with awesome gear and guides and activities to get started.

Into The Night: All about night skies, nocturnal nature and playing in the dark; When you know what to look and listen for, the night can come alive. A headlamp is one of the most practical and useful outdoor tools - from midnight bathroom breaks to telling spooky ghost stories.

With the Into The Night Kit, you won't be afraid of the dark - you'll count down the hours until sunset!


The Into The Night headlamp lets you dial in the right colour for night adventures with 4 modes. Featuring 1 Bright White LED + 2 red LED lights this compact headlamp has a powerful 60 lumen beam. The head tilts up and down, and it even works if you put it on upside down.

For finding your way around the starry sky, there's no better tool than a star wheel. Also called a planisphere, a star wheel is a must-have for all stargazers. The "Look To The Sky" Star Planisphere Wheel is a must for any stargazer, regardless of skill-level, but it is especially useful for beginners. 

Glow Sticks (15 pcs) 


Activity Book

DIY Lightstring Craft 

DIY Constellation Craft

Enamel Merit Pin