Outdoor Adventure Kit - Lead The Way *Final Sale*

Outdoor Adventure Kit - Lead The Way *Final Sale*

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What is an Adventure Kit? In the world of ipads, iphones, and apps - simple everyday adventures can be hard to see. Built for the backyard or the backcountry, this outdoor adventure kit contains quality outdoor items and an activity guide with 10+ hours of skill-building activities, outdoor games and nature crafts.

Ideal for kids 6-12.

Everything you need is IN THE BOX. The boxes are filled with awesome gear and guides and activities to get started. The value is incredible, your customers will LOVE them.

Lead The Way: All about way-finding, navigation and reading maps. Navigation skills help you feel confident as you explore beyond your wi-fi signal. Trail markers are like a secret code and when you know the code- you feel like you belong.

And let’s be real, you’re never too old for a treasure hunt.

Kit Includes: 

Magnetic Compass

Waterproof Map Bag

2x Survey Monuments

Paint Markers

DIY Ranger Bead Kit

DIY Compass Craft

Enamel Merit Pin

Activity Book 


Created and assembled by the team at Wild Life Outdoor Adventures. Some parts may be imported.