Sissiboo Coffee - Assorted Flavors

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Fair-trade, organic coffee roasted in Bear River, NS by Sissiboo Coffee Roaster. 1lb Bag.

Select flavour and bean type from drop-down menu. 

Tobeatic Wild (MEDIUM Honduran): Mild but bright body with low acid. Caramel and citrus notes follow a floral aroma.

Glacial Erratic (MEDIUM Ethiopian): Complex full body, rich berry flavours with hints of vanilla.

Fundy Storm (DARK Nicaraguan): Full body, flavours of ripe stone fruit and rich tree nuts.

Night Owl (ESPRESSO, MEDIUM Sumatran): Sweet and smooth body. Think Bourbon, spring earth and cinnamon.

Fireman's Breakfast (DARK Mexican): Full, rich body, flavours of chocolate and burnt sugar with hints of citrus

 Fly By Night (DECAF): (MEDIUM DARK) Peruvian decaf Swiss Water Process