Strawberry Needle Minder

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Always know where your needle is with this useful embroidery tool! This magnetic needle minder comes with two strong magnets. One is glued to the back of the metal enamel strawberry and the second is to be used to hold the minder in place, by placing it on the back of the embroidery fabric.

Warning: This item contains small, strong magnetic components which can be extremely dangerous if ingested by children or pets. Please use and store with great care. 

Needle minder designed and assembled in Nova Scotia by Maidenwood.

    Brand Story: "For me, "Maidenwood" isn't just a name or a brand; it is also a space in which to embrace the enchanting properties of “slow work”. I have always believed in the power of hand embroidery to create meaning in people's lives, foster connections to places, establish memories, and strengthen rituals. I created Maidenwood so that I could give this feeling and energy home of its own. "