Water Love - Natalie Hodgson and Rajean Willis

Water Love - Natalie Hodgson and Rajean Willis

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Water Love, a beautifully illustrated spoken word picture book, tells the story of Kaya, a young Black girl as she navigates her lifelong love of water amid the disapproval of her friends and despite her mother’s deep-seated fear of the water. Combating stereotypes, Kaya joins an all-Black surfing program; in this program, as she begins to understand the larger struggles of the Black experience, she learns to love her “real” self and finds joy in expressing herself through her passion for surfing. 

Water Love  was inspired by the North Preston Surf Program in Nova Scotia, an organization that works to encourage a stronger representation of Black people in water sports.

Written by Natalie Hodgson and Rajean Willis
Illustrated by Sahle Robinson


36 pages