We Are The Champions Tea Towel

We Are The Champions Tea Towel

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We all have to dry dishes, why not hum along while doing it? This Queen-inspired tea towel from Bold Faced Goods (AB) makes dish duty a little more fun. Screen-printed with water-based ink, this super-soft tea towel absorbs wonderfully. A convenient loop allows you to have when not being used. 

Full lyrics read: "We are the champions my friends, we'll keep on drying til the end"

*Not responsible for Stuck Song Syndrome

Perfect for:
Drying Dishes
Wiping hands
Wringing out freshly washed greens, herbs, or veggies
Storing fresh produce
Covering homemade ferments, like kombucha or sauerkraut

100% cotton flour sack tea towel

Measures 21" x 28"

Machine washable and tumble dry. Do not bleach.

Image and description via Bold Faced Goods