Whales and Mermaid Pillowcase

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This pillow case art has been lovingly designed and screen printed by Claire Manning (Ontario). A group of wonderful whales all together, all being documented on film by a curious mermaid.

The case is a 100% cotton and 200 thread count, sized approximately 20 inches by 30 inches.

The water based screen print is aqua, green and hunter green. Being that these are hand printed pillow cases you will find that that no two are the same. Each has its own neat little print characteristics.

Don't be afraid to use, wash, tumble dry, and generally love this pillow case. To keep the print at it's best it's recommended to wash in cold water and turn it inside out when drying.

Great for adding a splash of colour and whimsical art to your bedroom and a fantastic addition to any slumber party!

Image and description via Claire Manning Design.