2SLGBTQIA+ Safe Space

We are committed to being a welcoming space for all members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. You are loved and accepted, and hopefully find yourself reflected in the shop. 

We can't proclaim that our space is safe, that has to be an individual judgement  - but it is our hope that when visiting The Trainyard you feel safe, loved and welcome. 

Hopefully this is never needed, but if you are out and about in Downtown Dartmouth - and feel unsafe or harassed, we have lots of spaces to sit and take a breather. 

We welcome suggestions and conversation anytime on how we can be better allies. 

Inclusive Actions 

Products: We carry a wide range of pride flags, stickers and pronoun pins to make self-identifying, or identifying yourself as an ally easier. These are purchased from 2SLGBTQIA+ owned businesses and a guide to the different flags and pronouns accompanies the display in store. 

Makers: Our goal by the end of 2023 is to reach a point where a minimum of 30% of businesses we work with are owned by folks typically under-represented in retail settings, or those who face barriers in entrepreneurship. In 2021, 20% of orders placed were from businesses owned by self-identified BIPOC or 2SLGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs. 

Financial: Since 2017 we have been financial supporters of the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning and their Gender Sexuality Alliance on a consistent basis. They have created a beautiful safe space for youth in our community. We have also made donations in support of The Youth Project in the past.

Employees: We have an inclusive and welcoming staff team, with policies and procedures in place to protect our team from harassment and an action plan in place should incidents occur. 

If you are looking for resources, or to educate yourself here are a few starting places: 

  • MacPhee Centre For Creative Learning: Weekly Gender Sexuality Alliance meetings for youth, and a wealth of resources for the community at large. 
  • The Youth Project (Halifax & Cape Breton): A variety of programs for youth
  • Venus Envy - A sex positive space in Halifax, and a great source for books and educational resources on 2SLGBTQIA issues. 
  • My Pronouns - A great resource for understanding how/why/when to use pronouns.
  • Kids Help Phone: A starting place for mental health support for kids & teens, and a source for resources