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2024 June Hours

We are open Tuesday to Sunday! Please check our instagram/Facebook feed   for up to date information! 

Sometimes staff illness or weather may impact our hours. Any changes will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook social media accounts.


Interested in working with us? Please read our Maker Applications page before contacting us to learn more, applications received through the contact form (below) will not be considered.

Looking for a Specific Item? Please call or visit the shop! We don’t have access to specific inventory from home (where we answer most of our emails and messages)!

Have Feedback? We are interested in learning, growing and improving and welcome supportive feedback about goods, the shop, incorrect info found online, etc. We do our best to keep the info floating around about us online (including shop hours) accurate but have very little influence or ability to edit third party sites. 

When providing feedback, please remember we are a small team of empathetic humans and even when we get something wrong we deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

Call Us!

We know everyone hates the phone, but this is the best way to reach us, especially if you are looking for a specific item! We don't have a voicemail so give us a call during open hours and we're happy to help out with any questions.

Our social media accounts are not regularly monitored for requests or questions!



Still Have Questions? Email 

There's tons of information on the website about basically everything about The Trainyard but if you still have questions, or want to chat about community ideas please email