Family & Staff Commitment

Commitment To Our Family & Staff Team

Taking care of the well being of our young family, and our Trainyard family is our top priority. This may mean from time to time, our hours are reduced, or we’re closed unexpectedly to give time off due to illness, family issues or vacation. Sometimes it’s just not possible to get the doors open and we are unapologetic in prioritizing the needs of our family and our Trainyard team.

We would never have made it to this point without our incredible staff team. We know how lucky The Trainyard is to have them, and we are doing the best we can with what we can, and what we know to take care of them. This includes paying all staff above minimum wage, all breaks are paid, paid time off for illness and paid vacation for full-time staff.                

We recently began offering staff membership to the Carbon Neutral Club Membership. Our entire team's Carbon footprint is now being offset monthly!

There’s always room to improve, and our goal is to have an employee emergency fund, and to become a Living Wage Employer. We share all of this with you now, because these are the details that set small businesses (not just ours) apart - our beliefs are strongly rooted in people over profits.


A toddler is shown at the door of the old shop. They are looking out the window and facing away from the camera.