Committment To Accessibility

Commitment To Physical Accessibility Of Our Space

We are committed to having a welcoming, safe space that is physically accessible for customers using mobility aids and accessible to those who use communication aids. From day one we have been conscious of making our space physically accessible for customers using mobility aids, and those with strollers – keeping pathways as wide as possible. 

Our new location has a gentle sloped entrance (fully accessible smooth access from the sidewalk), but the door can be difficult to open with a stroller or mobility device. A automatic door opener is on our radar. In full transparency with the cost of smoothing the ramp in 2021 ($2,000) we aren't currently in a position to install one in a space we do not own. We fully recognize that this is far from ideal, bordering on unacceptable and exclusive for customers who should have independent access to the storefront.

If and when we make a commitment to stay in the space beyond our current terms an automatic opener would be the first thing we install. We know it's not ideal, but please call, or knock if you need any assistance at all.

Curbside pick up remains an option if you are unable to enter for any reason. 

Commitment To Online & Social Media Accessibility

Since 2020 we have been adding accessible text to our social media posts and continue to learn about how to do this in a way that offers maximum benefit. Most items in our online store do not have Alt-Text set up but we try and add all necessary details in the item description, as we add new items we are working to add descriptions. 

Learn more about Alt-Text and how to use it:

Accessibility Of Goods & Fair Pricing 

The goods we carry were all physically created or designed by makers and small businesses. This sometimes looks like illustrating, printing & scoring a greeting card, or shaping, glazing and sanding a mug. Other times it looks like ordering an item with their artwork on it, and packaging each by hand, or the measuring and mixing each ingredient exactly in your favourite sweet treat. All of this takes time and materials to create something unique and beautiful for the rest of us to enjoy. Our prices in store reflect the maker's time, costs, material & training/experience. 

In the Fall of 2020 we launched a Pay What You Can shelf in store, designed to remove barriers to purchasing a beautiful handcrafted piece for yourself or as a gift. We know that not everyone is paid a living wage and sometimes the pricing can be inaccessible. Purchases from the Pay What You Can shelf are processed without judgement, we are happy to see the goods find a home and brighten your day. Please see in store for full details. 

Quiet Space Available 

If you are out in Downtown Dartmouth we have a quiet space available for parents to use when feeding or changing little ones, or for those in need of a sensory break. 
It's nothing fancy, but has a little sofa, pillow, wipes and a few board books. You are of course welcome to feed your little person, anyway you feel comfortable - anywhere in our space, at any time. This isn't about hiding anyone. I just know what it feels like to feel uncomfortable going out with a baby, and want all parents and caregivers to feel safe and comfortable when visiting us with their little ones.
It is not perfectly sealed off from the store but the lights are dimmer, and it's cut off from much of the hustle and bustle, if a sensory break would help yourself, or anyone you are shopping with it is always available for that purpose as well.
Please know that this space exists and is here for you to use, in the event it’s inaccessible for a day we will make that clear.