🎨Community Craft Swap 🎨

We first launched our Craft Swap in 2017, and it's seen a few evolutions since then. We now accept donations year round - see the full list of requested items below! 
We use donated materials in a couple of ways (outlined in detail below). We create take home craft kits for kids and adults, use materials in store for workshops and share with local childcare centres and non profit partners when we have materials we can't use in store. 
If you are looking for donations of a specific material, or for bulk materials for a community organization please email us events [@] trainyardstore.com and we will see what we have available to help you out!


  • Crochet + Knitting Supplies: Knitting needles, Crochet hooks: sizes 4-6, Yarn: medium worsted weight, any colours. 
  • Needle felting supplies: foam, needles, felt sheets.
  • Fabric: Fat quarter sizes only (no scraps and no large panels please!) 
  • Paper Crafting: Washi tape; stickers; notebooks & journals; paper punches; markers & pencils;
  • Kid Friendly: Googly eyes; pom poms; stickers; foam sheets; pipe cleaners; beads; craft kits; crayons & markers;
  • Unused craft kits with instructions included.
  • Air dry clay and clay tools  
Have materials not listed? Please reach out to us before dropping off! 

 Please limit donation to one bag/box/tote of donations per drop off!
    Please Note: Clothing, broken/unusable supplies, oversized/heavy equipment, stuffing (Polyfil) are not accepted. We reserve the right to refuse donations deemed unsafe and to recycle/dispose of materials deemed unusable.



    Donations will be used the four ways outlined below. Please contact us if you have any questions, it is our intention to be transparent throughout this process. 

    • Assembled and offered as part of FREE take home kits (kids crafting, mending, colouring, journaling, embroidery & beading, etc) available on our Community Shelves by the door. 
    • Used during crafting sessions and workshops.
    • Held in storage or rotated as part of a longer term Craft Swap launch. All donated materials will always be offered FREE of charge to the community. 
    • Donated to local non-profits or community organizations for their creative programming needs. If you provide this programming and can use supplies let us know!

    🎨 FAQs  🎨

    🌟 If I don't donate, can I still pick up a kit? Yes! Everyone is welcome to enjoy available materials and take home kits. 

    🌟How much can I take? We encourage folks to take thoughtfully and consider what is needed for their crafting, what they may have at home, and to think about those coming after. Ideally, one craft kit per person/per visit to ensure there's lots to go around! 

    🌟What Is A Community Craft Swap?
    A super fun event where community members are invited to donate unused craft supplies for fellow community members to pick out the supplies for a new project from! Crafting is an amazing way to express yourself through creation but the cost of supplies can be prohibitive. With the Pick-A-Project Craft Swap, we are hoping that people will be able to pick up the supplies necessary for a new crafty talent for free. In an effort to reduce waste and boost community creativity, crafty community members are donating usable materials from their own stashes to kick-start another's.
    🌟Why Are You Hosting This?
    There are so many reasons we love the Craft Swap! But primarily:
    • To continue our efforts to reduce waste.
    • To encourage accessible creativity and support trying new projects.
    • To continue building community connections and give back.