Goose Lantern DIY Template

Did you miss out on making a goose lantern this weekend during Nocturne? Hoping to make a friend for the goose you did make? We've got you covered! 

Click here to Download the Goose Lantern PDF and print to make your own. 

A few assembly tips: 

  • Card stock is recommended for durability, regular printer paper will work, your goose will just be a little floppier!  
  • Hot glue is the fastest way to assemble. Regular glue, glue sticks or staples would also work in a pinch. 
  • The long piece along the bottom of the page is to wrap+glue around the candle base to hold everything together. 

Please use common sense and if you're adding a light to your lantern- only add one that is battery powered, never put your lantern close to flames.  

We are making this available free of charge to the community in the spirit of Nocturne and free art for all. Please use and enjoy for personal use and we'd love if you tag us in any photos @trainyardstore so we can see your cute geese in the wild! 

Concept and template design by local artist Emmy Lao @EmmysFibreArts