Maker Questions


If you're here we're trusting you've read the rest of the maker application information and had trouble with the Maker Application Google Form - if not please review the other tabs under "Hi Makers" for information first! 

The formatting here isn't quite as easy to use as the Google Form but it will do the trick!

The Trainyard Team

The Trainyard Maker Application

Please include as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing, the more we know about your business and your products the easier to make our decisions. 

We are committed to holding space for new makers, and will help with many of the common challenges to retail readiness if your work is the right fit for The Trainyard. This includes help with pricing, branding and packaging.

Applications are reviewed once every 4-6 weeks: 
*Please copy and paste the following questions and email responses to 
  • Your Name, Your Business Name & City/Province:
  • Your Email Address: 
  • Is this your first time selling your work? 
  • Brief Description Of Your Goods: What do you make? How do you make it? Why are you awesome?
  • Items For Sale & Pricing; Please include all relevant ordering information (wholesale price, retail price, minimum orders, etc).
  • Tags or Packaging. If you would like customers to have your branding information it is your responsibility to include information on each item, or to attach tags. Does your packaging include branding information? Do you need help with this? 
  • Any Community Connections or Charitable Giving you want to share? Nothing is too small to mention!
  • Are you currently working with, or have applied to any other shops in Downtown Dartmouth (including: Kept, The Dart Gallery, Morleys, Room 152, Flower Street, Daisy Jos). It doesn't benefit any of us to have us all carrying the same goods, no matter how awesome they are.
  • Please feel free to share any barriers or challenges related to applying, pricing or retail readiness that you may face: If you have questions not answered on our website, or face barriers in pricing or packaging please let us know and we will do what we can to support you.
  • Self-Identify (If comfortable): We are committed to holding space for youth (21 & under), folks living with a disability, and those who identify as BIPOC and/or 2SLGBTQIA+. Please visit Our Values page for more information on our commitment to inclusion.
  • Social Media and Website To View Photos (If Applicable); If not applicable, please send no more than TWO photos.
  • Line Sheet: If you have a line sheet, catalog or information sheet available, please upload here or email it to