Trainyard Connect

Trainyard Connect is our community giving initiative, which allows us to support the amazing work being done by local non-profit organizations. We partner with community organizations and support their work through financial donations, social media & in store promotion, community sourced donations, and in person events & collaborations. 

Since 2016 we have committed to donating 5% of profits to our Trainyard Connect Community Partners each year. We have partnered with close to two dozen incredible organizations, and donated over $62,678 to help support their work in our community since opening in 2016. 

When we have capacity to do so we love to celebrate & support requests for auction donations and to partner with other organizations for community events. 

P.S. For transparency, the $62,678 donated breaks down to $46,913 in cash donations given, and $15,765 in donated goods. 


    Meet Our Past Partners

    Many of the organizations listed here we have partnered with as part of Trainyard Connect, others we have participated in specific fundraising events for or collaborated with makers to make targeted donations for goods sold.  

    If you have a moment, please check out these awesome organizations, many share lots of resources, volunteer and donation requests or other calls to action that can be helpful if you want to help but don't know where to start:

    Out Of The Cold
    Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre
    Black Cultural Centre
    Alice House
    Stepping Stone Nova Scotia
    The North Grove (Dartmouth Family & Food Centres)
    LakeCity Works
    Hope For Wildlife
    Bide Awhile
    United Way Halifax
    Back To The Sea Society
    Easter Seals Nova Scotia
    Halifax & Region Military Family Resource Centre
    BEEA Honey With Heart
    Self-Help Connection
    Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia
    Margaret’s House
    FEED Nova Scotia
    Dartmouth Senior Service Centre
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Halifax                                                          Elizabeth Fry Mainland Nova Scotia                                                               MacPhee Centre