Community Collective Workshops FAQS


What is the Community Collective? All our Trainyard hosted workshops and events are now under this banner; these are events and workshops hosted by members of The Trainyard team, with the intention of building Community Connections. 

I thought workshops were free to attend? Yes, in 2022-2023 we were able to offer all workshops free of charge. If you followed along then you know it was a huge learning curve for us, and heading into 2024 we have to make some changes to keep the workshops sustainable. Our weekly bring your own project drop ins for adults will remain *free* of charge. 

Can you break down the cost of workshops? We worked to keep workshops free for as long as we could, but as they've grown in popularity and complexity they require more staff hours than we can support without a small cost for participation. 

Exact pricing will be show with the workshop registrations, but we anticipate workshops will be under $15 and include all the materials needed, as well as enough to take home to finish a project; The fee will also allow us to cover staff time during instruction and prep work, and include a small donation to the Dartmouth Community Fridge* We are hoping to provide more detailed cost breakdowns once the projects are confirmed and we can be more specific. 

*We are no longer requesting non-perishable donations to be dropped off as we had difficulty with expired donations, open packaging, etc and don't have the capacity to store and sort. We will never turn a donation away but this allows us to provide more consistent support to the fridge. 

How do I register? Search 'Workshops' and all available projects should show, enter your information (an address may or may not be required to confirm the order) and you'll receive email confirmation once registered. You can also register and pay in person at The Trainyard, however we cannot accept payment over the phone. 

What's your masking policy? To keep these events safe and comfortable for everyone masking remains encouraged as our workshop space makes distancing difficult. We do provide masks for free at the door if you forget yours. Shared materials and spaces will be cleaned frequently.  These workshops are offered regularly, please stay home if you are sick and join us another day. 

Hoping to come as a larger a group?: These workshops are intended to connect the community with new friends - if you have an awesome group of crafty pals who would like to create together, please contact us to set up a private workshop time and we can sort out those details with you! 
Kid Friendly? Ages Welcome?: The intent behind most projects is to build community so the invitation is extended to older teens and adults; Unless otherwise stated in the listing workshops are not intended for children and youth under 16 years of age.  
Our community table is open with drop in colouring and crafting the rest of the week for kids and little ones to enjoy! For kid specific workshops parents are required to stay and participate with their children, we don't offer drop off workshops (or birthday parties!) 
A note on accessibility at the shop: We have a graded entry that allows for smooth mobility or stroller access, but the door is currently not powered. If getting the door open poses a challenge we are more than happy to help (an auto opener is top of our dream list). Inside the shop aisles are wide and allow for freedom of movement and music is at mid-volume and located to one side of the shop. Some customers do notice the scent from our candles, soaps & coffee but no scents are added to the environment.
For workshops, our space can be arranged to accommodate accessibility devices. Please make a note when registering if you will need any additional space or accommodations, and we can work with you to make something work! 
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💜The Trainyard Team