Be Like A Tree - Leanne Whiting

Be Like A Tree - Leanne Whiting

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Be Like A Tree is a children’s yoga book designed to spark movement, mindfulness & empathy. The story is inspired by a tree that stands in Tree Pose [Vrksasana, a traditional yoga pose] about 3.2km on Rogart Trail at Sugar Moon Farm in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The tree is conscious that he is different from the other trees and he becomes excited when a boy hiking on the trail notices him. Together, they connect about their feelings of being different from the others and they inspire each other to be themselves and move through the world with self-awareness, confidence, and compassion.

Throughout the text there are illustrations of yoga poses (as well as a comprehensive guide at the back of the book) to encourage families to move through story with a playfulness, a connection to Nature, and to themselves.

This book is illustrated by local artists Debbie Mosher and Meaghan Adamski and written by local author and yoga teacher Leanne Whiting


Soft Cover.