Bluenose Yellow Heart Bowl Cozy

Bluenose Yellow Heart Bowl Cozy

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Handmade in Nova Scotia and ready to be a perfect gift for someone you care about. A Bowl Cozy makes a great hostess or housewarming gift, too!

The term Bluenose has a colourful history! No one is QUITE sure where it came from, from mittens made with blue dye, for runny-nosed cold weather fisherman, to blue-tinged potatoes from the Annapolis valley, or the great unknown, but it's Nova Scotia in all it's Blue nosed glory, it's our ship built in Lunenburg, it's our marathon, it's our downtown Halifax restaurant, it's been a gold mine and a newspaper, a train... but it'll forever be.. Nova Scotia.

High quality 100% cotton, microwavable bowl cozy, machine washable. Fits a standard bowl with a 4-8″ diameter.

Comfort. Safety. Peace of mind.These are the values that inspire the creation of Cool Hand Nukes. Cool Hand Nukes are microwave-safe, made right here in Nova Scotia with 100% cotton. Their special insulation materials protect your hands from hot bowls as you carry them right from the microwave, and guard surfaces against heat marks as you enjoy your meal. 
Cool Hand Nukes is a project, not just a shop. We employ Nova Scotians with legitimate work from home opportunities, and aim to support local businesses, artists and charities. As we grow, we will be able to do more and more to get involved. If you choose to purchase from Cool Hand Nukes, we appreciate your business very much, and you can know that you are a part of something really great.