Full Moon Needle Felting Kit

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This felted interpretation of Earth's best-known satellite is as easy to make as it is satisfying. There is absolutely zero experience necessary to create a unique hanging piece and each finished moon can look quite distinct from one another while still being successful.

Many would describe flat felting as even easier than 3D work, and there's less opportunities to poke your fingers (bonus)!

All the required materials come packaged in a sturdy kraft mailer and include everything you need to complete the hanging, including black felt, 6 inch wooden hoop, assorted wool, three felting needles and a sewing needle and floss. The only other items you need is are a sponge/foam block to work on and scissors and glue gun (optional) for finishing. Printed instructions outline the basic felting and stitching procedures as well as specific steps and there's even a reference image included.


Description and photos courtesy of The Lunenburg Makery