Framed painted pastel print of a beach with tall grasses and cloudy sky.

Conrad's Beach Print (9 by 12 inches)

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9 by 12 inch print of an original pastel painting by Janna Wilton Art, inspired by her weekly walks on Conrad's Beach in Nova Scotia.


9 by 12 inches.

Additional notes: 

This print is sold unframed. Print size may vary from product photos.  


Janna (she/her) is a self-taught watercolour artist located in the beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

Janna started her journey as an artist in 2018 after painting her first floral design with watercolour. It was very much love at first stroke!

She draws her inspiration from the beauty all around her, whether that be in the faces of people, the architecture of a home or the breathtaking scenery of her coastal province.

When Janna isn't painting, she has the privilege of working as a nurse.