Everything Is Fine - Iron on Fire Crow Patch

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Channel a touch of ironic humor with the 'Everything Is Fine' patch, measuring 2.25 x 3.5 inches. This boldly embroidered patch features a crow at ease amidst rising flames, encapsulating the popular meme that reflects a comically stoic response to chaos. The stark contrast between the serene crow and the vibrant orange and yellow flames creates a visual punchline, perfect for adding a quirky statement to jackets, backpacks, or totes.

 With a sizeable footprint, this patch is designed to stand out and spark conversations, all while maintaining that everything is, indeed, just fine.

Instruction: Make sure the surface you want to put the patch on is iron-safe. And both the surface and back of the patch are dust-free and clean. Lay a thin cloth over the patch (patch facing up). Heat the iron to 400F (or cotton setting). Iron firmly for 30-45 sec, in a slow circular motion, and then flip the garment inside out and repeat the ironing on this side for 30-45 sec.

Photos and description via Ripple Splash Studio

Listing is for one patch