Foaming Soap Tablet: Rosemary Mint

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Love foaming soap but don't want to keep buying the plastic containers? These foaming hand soap tablets are a natural, vegan and cruelty free, eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid hand soap.

Foaming soap tablets are the perfect solution to reduce plastic consumption & avoid harmful chemical residue. They come packaged in biodegradable packaging, eliminating plastic waste and the light weight lowers carbon emissions during transport.

Save time and valuable storage space: refilling made easy & these convenient hand soap tablets take up less room than traditional liquid hand soap bottles. Our formulas contain no phthalates, parabens, sulfates or dyes. We take great care in ethically sourcing ingredients. Beezy Eco tablets contain ZERO artificial/synthetic fragrance, we use 100% pure essential oil to give you a healthier choice.

Natural, Plant based gentle foaming lather. • 100% Pure Essential Oils. • Vegan and Cruelty Free. • Plant based color. • Plastic-free refills.

TO USE - add one tablet to soap dispenser, add warm water and let dissolve.

Listing is for one tablet

Photos and description via Beezy Wrap