Here for the Coffee Pen Set

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Say hello to your new favourite pens from Pixel Paper Hearts (Ontario). Whether you’re doodling your crush’s name on your notebook, jotting down your biggest boldest dreams or signing the utmost profresh docs - these 100% fit the bill. Each set comes with three pens, all pens have black ink

Pen details + soft touch barrel surface + retractable design, so no losing pen caps ;) + 0.5mm fine point, black gel ink

here for the coffee pen set includes the following phrases -

• good days start with coffee

• inhale coffee, exhale doubt

• death before decaf 

About Charisse (Pixel Paper Hearts):  I am a creator, a self-taught graphic designer, an entrepreneur and the wearer of all hats for pixel paper hearts. fuelled by my love for coffee, I typically find my material in the everyday - from life with kids in the suburbs, on the ball diamond watching competitive sports parents, being a mid-millennial and indulging in an obscene amount of self-help books.

I am a firm believer in rooting for each other. in building someone up, celebrating their victories - big or small without ever questioning our own. there is so much power in community over competition.

*please note: the colours on your device screen may vary slightly from the colours of the physical product

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