Hodgepodge Bowl Bumper Sticker

Hodgepodge Bowl Bumper Sticker

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3″x11″ bumper sticker featuring illustrations by Nova Scotian artist Kat Frick Miller.

This sticker has a premium coating, is weather and scratch resistant and has UV protection.

Raises funds for Farmer's Markets of Nova Scotia:

Founded in 2004, Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia is a non-profit cooperative of farmers’ markets, for farmers’ markets.

With over 40 unique members across the province, our cooperative is the unified voice of our region’s farmers’ market sector. 

Vision: Vibrant and diverse communities that are welcoming, economically prosperous, and food secure.

Mission: Our cooperative advances growth and prosperity for our members and their communities through support, programs, advocacy, marketing, and engagement.

What We Do: Looking to start or grow a farmers’ market or a market-based business? Look no further! We work to grow and support our region’s farmers’ market sector.