Let's Taco 'Bout Us Pencil Set of 7

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These pencils from Snifty make everything more fun – homework, puzzles, even filling out paperwork!

Set Includes:

I only have fries for you.
Let’s taco ’bout us 🖤
Every pizza me loves every pizza you.
Don’t go bacon my heart.
I love you a latte.
You’re all that and dim sum.
You’re my jam.

Made in the USA. 

SNIFTY® Scented Products was created in January 2009 to showcase Auracell®, an eco-friendly plastic derived from sustainable resources that encapsulates long-lasting scents. Emphasizing fun and function, SNIFTY's first product…the SNIFTY Scented Pen was introduced in May 2009. Since then, SNIFTY has continued to grow. Offering high quality products for an affordable price is one of SNIFTY’s key missions.