Low Road Forever - Tara Thorne

Low Road Forever - Tara Thorne

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A book of snarky, feminist essays covering #MeToo, pop culture, and LGBTQ+ topics, from longtime arts-and-culture columnist, for fans of Lindy West, Anne T. Donahue, and Sara Irby.

A self-proclaimed “gay feminist harpy since before it was cool,” Tara Thorne is situated somewhere between the sharp-eyed urban commentary of Nora Ephron and ribald cultural analysis of Lindy West. In her debut book of essays, the Halifax-based filmmaker, arts critic, and recovering journalist gives readers her unvarnished take on the films and music that made her a feminist, how the #MeToo reckoning led her to write a misandrist vigilante film, what it’s like being the only woman in a band, and the snarky tweet that made her lose her position as CBC Radio’s arts and culture columnist. Alongside are musings on coming out later in life, remaining resolutely child-free, and why she’s decided to step back from being professional to the point of erasure: after two decades, it’s time to take the low road.

With the cranky forthrightness of Fran Lebowitz in ,Pretend It’s a City, Thorne’s voice is both self-assured and deeply self-effacing as she exposes the light haze of misogyny that hangs over us all to find what’s funny, what’s true, and what needs to be said.


Paperback. 208 pages.