P'lover Needle Felting DIY Kit

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Create your own needle felted Piping Plover with this DIY kit from The Lunenburg Makery.

Piping Plovers come to select beaches in Nova Scotia to breed starting in mid-April and lay their eggs in shallow "nests" among the small stones. They blend in perfectly with their surroundings to protect them from predators, unfortunately it makes them extremely vulnerable to dogs and human feet who accidentally crush them. Taking our beach walks closer to the waterline in nesting areas can lessen the impact.

This DIY kit contains everything you need to learn how to make a Piping Plover of your own. You may choose to work on a foam block or sponge to protect your fingers. 

• Step-by-step illustrated instructions
• Ruler and foot pattern
• 100% natural sheep's wool roving
• Three felting needles
• Pre-cut wire
• Pipe cleaner
• Beads
• Needle and thread

Whether you're an absolute (but confident) beginner or someone who has a few felting projects under their belt this Plover will be a delight to make!

Finished Size: approx. 10cm x 12cm (4" x 5")


Photos and description courtesy of The Lunenburg Makery