Sea Wishes Soy Candle

Sea Wishes Soy Candle

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Close your eyes and make a wish!  Burn this Fundy Treasures Sea Wishes candle to reveal one pewter sea treasure inscribed with an inspirational word.  Treasures include pewter seashells, sand dollars and starfish.  Inspirational words include courage, smile, joy, luck, play, sparkle, giggle, unwind, peace, believe, love, dream, harmony, imagine, hope, strength, balance, wish, inspire, relax, trust, grace, wisdom and enjoy.   

Coastal Sunrise scent with notes of coconut, sea salt strawberry, candied rose & saltwater taffy. 

Pewter sea treasures are handmade by Basic Spirit pewter in Pugwash, Nova Scotia


100% soy wax candle.

7.5oz   Burntime: 60 hours+

Made with 100% soy wax, high tensile paper wicking (HTP) wicks in our candles for cleaner burning, self-trimming wick, and a hotter, more efficient flame. Scented with phthalate free high quality fragrance oils.


Hand poured in Joggins, NS


Image and description via Fundy Treasures