Small Bubble Tumbler

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Single bubble mug handmade in Nova Scotia by Alexis Ceramics. Each mug holds approximately 8-12oz. 

Glaze colours vary, please see in store for full selection or leave a note in the order notes for preferred shade (ie. oranges, pinks or blues) - colours vary wildly in placement, tone and shade. 

100% handmade in Alexis’ home studio, from throwing and altering the forms to developing and mixing her signature glazes and colours. Using both, a shiny transparent and an opaque satin glaze as a base, she uses her strong sense of colour to select from 10 or more different pigments. Then, by skillfully layering colours, she develops a seemingly endless coalescence of colours. The result is a harmonious, texture-like effect on the surface.  Each piece is original in and of itself but a part of a cohesive style. Mix-and-match to create your own individualized collection. Which ones will you choose?