The Good Shit Lowball Glass

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If we're honest, some days, anything with alcohol counts. This elegant and refined smoke-tinted glass from Brass Monkey is perfect for turning drinking on a weeknight" into a distinguished affair.

• Distinctive ombre smoke-colored glass.
• Features metallic gold and black "The Good Shit" artwork.
• Holds 12 oz. of liquid, you know, for drinking.
• Measures 3.34" in diameter & 3.5" tall.
• We'd hand wash these. . . but it's your life."

Designed in USA, Imported. 

    About Brass Monkey

    Vintage-inspired Smartassery. Created by Mike Sayre and Melanie Bridges way back in 2020, Brass Monkey was founded on the idea that there's a world between fine china and bobblehead dolls. That products can have personality, without becoming roadside souvenirs. So that's where you'll find them. . . making beautiful, well-designed items that just happen to have a sense of humor. Who said that art school and open-mic nights were such a waste of time? We're looking at you, dad. 

    Based in the United States.