Wide Toothed 3D Printed Comb: Skyline

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Circular shower comb (4" dia.). Extra-wide teeth with just the right amount of flex to prevent hair breakage. As with all of The Rogerie's products, these combs are made from 100% recovered plastic waste and leave no environmental footprint.

Please note that due to the recycled nature of the plastic, the exact color and pattern varies from item to item. Each one is unique! Combs are a base, deep aqua colour with swirls of other colours mixed in. 

Brady and Angela, the founders of The Rogerie (British Columbia), are a dynamic duo who took a bold leap and started the company in their small rental home just weeks after their wedding in the spring of 2019. Their shared passion for design and engineering, coupled with their commitment to sustainability, led them to create an entirely new way of producing everyday products with minimal waste. Fueled by their desire to make a meaningful difference, they set out to achieve complete sustainability throughout a product's entire lifecycle - a goal that few other companies have achieved before.