Wild Mushroom Embroidery Stick and Stitch Patches - Set of 8

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DIY Stick and Stitch Mushroom Embroidery Pattern bundle. Set of 8 wild mushroom designs. This DIY craft supply is extremely versatile in application. These water-soluble sticker pattern patches are an easy way to embellish a variety of fabric pieces, such as purses, canvas shoes, jackets etc.

    Designed and assembled in Nova Scotia by Maidenwood

      Brand Story: "For me, "Maidenwood" isn't just a name or a brand; it is also a space in which to embrace the enchanting properties of “slow work”. I have always believed in the power of hand embroidery to create meaning in people's lives, foster connections to places, establish memories, and strengthen rituals. I created Maidenwood so that I could give this feeling and energy home of its own. "