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Graphic outlining different housing organizations to support
Lately so much has felt so heavy, and the disillusion is real. We have to push through feelings of being discouraged, and put in the work to advocate for things to get better.
A few ways to move from feeling discouraged into taking action: 
  • Finding ways of supporting frontline organizations who work with folks living in encampments, or in other precarious housing situations. Organizations often ask for supply donations, home cooked meals, or other volunteer assistance.
  • Learn more about Universal Basic Income, and decide if that's something you'd like to advocate for. There are a few websites and organizations that are campaigning for this and they have templates for writing your officials, data and more. Learn more here.
  • Contacting your elected officials on issues of rent control, affordable housing and food programs in schools or other issues you care about is another action. At the Provincial and Federal levels you can also contact the opposition party leaders and housing critics with your concerns as they can put pressure on the current leaders.
  • Following along with advocacy organizations like Nova Scotia Acorn is a way to stay up on events and demonstrations happening locally. 
In a conversation like this, it is important to recognize the place of privilege I speak from, as a cis-gendered, able-bodied white person. The impacts of housing and food insecurity are felt more by Black & Indigenous people, those in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, as well as those living with disabilities or living with a substance use disorder. 
A few local organizations working in the community: 
It's also a great day to make sure you're registered to vote (at all 3 levels!), it's a while until we head to the polls again but good to be prepared. 
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