Trainyard Connect 2023 Update

Posted by Kimberley Dares on

Whoa, where to begin with my gratitude to all of you for making this happen. Since 2016 we have donated $62,678 in cash and goods to our community partners. This would never have been possible without your support of The Trainyard and I am so incredibly thankful for the trust you place in us. 
2023 was our best year of donations ever. We donated $16,972 to many local organizations and these donations went towards bus tickets, groceries, housing + meal support and the development of community spaces. 
Accountability is important to me, as much of our success is because of our community commitments so I want to share these numbers out of transparency. 
The 2023 donation breakdown is as follows:
Goods $2,684
Cash $14,288
We have also begun focusing donations on Mutual Aid campaigns and will continue to support those in 2024 as a way to directly support individuals in our community. Venus Envy hosts workshops on Mutual Aid, and has a great presentation shared a few weeks back if you are looking for more information about what Mutual Aid is and the impact it can have. 
Nothing that we have achieved at The Trainyard has happened in a bubble. It is possible because of you and your continued support of this dream and I am endlessly grateful that you continue to love what we're trying to do. When Jason and I decided to launch Trainyard Connect in early 2017 we were donating ~$200 a month to our community partners and now we are able to have a much more significant impact and that wouldn't be possible without this beautiful community. 
With big love.
Kimberley & The Trainyard Team

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