Birch Bark Ointment - 30g

Birch Bark Ointment - 30g

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The Birch Bark Ointment from Maskwiomin is the best for damaged skin. Their Birch Bark Ointment is the extra strength version of their regular cream containing five times the amount of birch bark extract. The philosophy for developing this ointment comes directly from the oral tradition of Mi’kmaq Knowledge holders who used this extra-strength ointment for acute, persistent skin issues.

30g packaged in a metal tin. 

About: Maskwiomin uses the Mi'kmaq principle Netukulimk as the foundation of our ecological and sustainable products. We harvest birch bark for our products in the traditional, Indigenous and eco-conscious way, use recyclable containers, and create small, hand-crafted batches to minimize unnecessary waste. 

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